Introduction - What is the Ambassador Program?


Industry Ambassadors are champions of skiing and snowboarding. They come from all walks of life and share a passion for the sports.

Ambassadors also are “influencers” who can make a difference as to whether beginners get off on the right foot or have a negative experience that will deter them from continuing to ski or snowboard.


Our Ambassador program highlights the efforts of passionate skiers and snowboarders as they encourage involvement in the sports and taking lessons from professional instructors. Ambassadors might be instructors, or patrollers, or lift operators, or retailers, reps, athletes and others who work in the industry. Ambassadors also can be consumers who just want other consumers to learn the skills needed to enjoy gliding down a snowy slope.


Here are some suggested Talking Points in our efforts to deliver a consistent message to beginners.


We highlight some of our most dedicated Ambassadors on this web site.


If you would like to be an Ambassador of Snow Sports, click HERE.